Virtual Run




Technical development work on the application will continue until Saturday so that you will not experience any problems during the virtual run. Make sure you have the updated version of the app before you run.

Log in to the SWEATers application with your ticket number, participate in the event in the category you selected in the application. In order not to encounter any technical problems when you start your virtual run at the weekend, it will be helpful to try the application by logging into the test run event in your SWEATers application.

You can complete your virtual run at any time on the specified dates, but you must finish it once you start the run in your SWEATers app. You don’t have the option to stop or pause your run.

Working with GPS data, the SWEATers application will use at least 30% of your phone battery during your run. So make sure it’s fully charged before you start your run.

Make sure that the place you call #MyTrack, the area you will run, is an area where you can receive GPS signals and that the location information on your phone is turned on. You also need to allow the sharing of location information in the SWEATers app.

WARNING: SWEATers does not measure indoors or on the treadmill!

If your operating system is iOS;

In iOS 14, the approximate location setting must be turned on so that the route can be calculated precisely.

If a bag is to be used while running, for iOS devices, keeping your phone in the pocket or on the arm, not inside the bag, would perceive movement better and give more accurate result in the location calculation.

If you open the application on your iOS device and close the application after starting your run, the distance will not be calculated correctly. You should not close the application by swiping up.

If your operating system is Android;

On Huawei devices, Application Launch > SWEATers must be disabled in Settings. We will update manually.

If you are using a 2020 Huawei device, you should run with your preferred application and send the screenshots to We will manually update it for you.

For all kinds of problems related to Virtual Run, you can reach us from the WhatsApp Virtual Run Support Line at 05498065801 between 09:00-18:00.

You can also request support regarding all kinds of technical issues related to your SWEATers application from Remember, you are not alone in the virtual run on November 7-8!

When you finish your running distance, you should see the text “Congratulations! Your result is successfully shared with Spor Istanbul” on your screen. You can find the details of the result in the “My Results” section on the profile screen of the website. However, after closing and reopening the application, you will not see the results screen again.

After completing your run, don’t forget to take a selfie with your medal and your t-shirt with the name of your race course and share it on social media with the hashtag #benimparkurum and tag @marathonistanbul! We look forward to your sharing!

NOTE: You can write the name of your track on the back of your t-shirt with any pen.

Join this enthusiasm by running with us on your own race course in N Kolay Istanbul Marathon Virtual Runs in 80 cities of Turkey and all over the world, and win special sponsor discount codes for the virtual run!



Delivery of the virtual running kits will be announced here soon.

Your results will be automatically uploaded to the system via the SWEATers application which we have specially developed for virtual running.

Virtual Run is subject to fee. Registration fee will be announced here soon.

N Kolay Istanbul Marathon virtual running registration did not open yet.

We especially want you to go to the running area with your mask. Take care not to come into contact with people you do not spend time with, and pay attention to your hand hygiene. Before participating in the race, you should listen to yourself and should not go out on the race course in case of any sign of illness. You should not share your personal belongings with anyone else and you should not leave your medical waste on your race course.

Virtual Run is not a race, but we are also curious about the individual race course and their degrees. Shortly after the run is completed, you will be able to access the list of runners’ degrees through your registration page (

There is no restriction on the time it takes to complete your run. However, once you start running, you have to finish it in one go.

In either case, your registration will not be cancelled. In case your GPS is cut off, you should switch to a location where your phone picks up and close and reopen the app. But you will have to start running from the beginning.

In case you run out of battery, your run will start over when you open the Sweaters App again after charging your phone. Please start running after your phone is fully charged to avoid this problem.

You will have your personal ID number that will be given you through the registration system in order to carry out your process during the virtual run.

The charity run, which continues under the leadership of Step by Step (Adım Adım), will also include the virtual run at the Marathon this year. Therefore, you can collect donations for any NGO you want, and raise awareness by drawing attention to a social issue that warms your heart or that you wish to be resolved. You can create your profile by visiting the website and create your campaign by choosing an NGO.

You can participate in the N Kolay Istanbul Virtual Marathon simultaneously with the physical running race course.

The virtual running kit includes your t-shirt according to the choice you made while registering and your medal.

Yes. Your acquaintance will need to show a copy of your ID in order to receive your kit.

You can participate from anywhere you are around the world. However, t-shirts will not be sent abroad. After the virtual run, digital medal and digital certificate will be sent to the e-mail address you provided during registration.

Yes. We continue to work on this. For detailed information, follow and the Instagram account @marathonistanbul.

In order for the application to race course your distance with GPS, you need to run in the open area with your smartphone.

Surprise gift certificates from our sponsors will be given to the runners who complete their run.

All runners over the age of 16 can participate in the N Kolay Istanbul Marathon Virtual Run.

Our corporate records are created with at least 10 people.

For corporate collective registration, you can enter your company information on the website and create an e-mail and password on behalf of your company. Then, when you log in using the “Login” button with this e-mail address and password, you can click N Kolay Istanbul Marathon Virtual Run from the “Event” page and add as many athletes as you want on behalf of your company. In order to add athletes, they must also be registered in the system. For this reason, either the participants can fill in online registration form individually, or you can enter the information of the participants with the “Create New Member” option in the “Create Mass Registration” section. You need to choose a category when completing your registration process. After adding all the participants, you can make your payment by wire transfer or EFT via the bank information that appears.​

No. You can login to the application with your registered e-mail and password. If you forget your password, you can request a new one.

On the back of the virtual run t-shirts, there is an area where each runner can write the name of the race course they will run in their own handwriting, with any pen, in any way they want.