“We were so excited that we saw skating lovers among us on the N Kolay 42nd Istanbul Marathon track for the first time last year!”

We wish all skaters a faster race with our skate-friendly applications we have developed in line with your positive feedback in the 2020 Istanbul Half Marathon.

Please do not forget to read our rules below for the 42K Skate Category!

Preparation for the Skate Race

What Should Be Considered?

Marathon will be held at the same point as kit distributions and on November 5-6-7. Don’t forget to make a online reservation for the date that is appropriate for you!

Your racing shirt will be delivered with your racing kit. No request should be made other than the t-shirt size you chose during registration.

All participants registered to the race from the Race Kit Distribution area will be given an electronic timing chip with a recycling feature that will measure their degrees during the race.
Do not forget to tie your chip distributed in race day racing kits to your shoes and do not remove it from your shoes during the race. The degrees of the racers running without chips cannot be measured.
Since your chip is matched with your credentials, we strongly recommend that you do not exchange your chip with other runners.
Do not cross the chip carpets at the start point, within the track or at the finish line twice. This movement will cause your running time to be measured incorrectly.
Do not return to the track for any reason after crossing the finish line at the end of the run. In this case, since the system will measure your chip again, your running timing will be revised according to the last time you passed the carpet.
IMPORTANT NOTE: After passing the starting carpet, skate athletes have to pass only through chip stations in Altunizade and Balat, where the speed drops. Since chip rugs are not suitable for skating, they do not have to pass through other intermediate points!

Information on distribution of chest numbers will be announced in the following periods.
The chest number you receive is specific to you and the N Kolay 42nd Istanbul Marathon organization. Do not copy this number or replace it with other participants.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Assigning/changing the chest number to another runner will cause both athletes to be disqualified!

We will share the details with you as soon as our preparations are complete.

The time limit for marathon skates is 4 hours. As of 15:00, the entire track is open to traffic. In the meantime, runners who have not completed the course yet can continue sliding from the pavement.

They will follow the red ground line on the track.

There will be water stations every 5km along the course. Public and portable toilets will be available at various points on the course. WC spots will be indicated with the directions to be positioned along the track for the runners to reach easily.

Your race packages will be distributed on 4-6 November. Fill in the requested information on the back of your bag label and attach it to your bag. Bag tag, which is the same as your chest number, must be attached to your bag before the race. Please do not use this label if you are not going to deliver bags.
Only bags given to athletes by the organizing committee are accepted in Safety Tents, bags, bags and other items are not accepted for safety reasons!

Within the scope of security measures, all bags will be checked by metal detectors by security officers. Please follow the warnings of the staff.

All runners who complete the race within the 4:00 hour time limit will be presented with a medal at the finish point.
How the awards will be given to the winning athletes will be planned within the framework of the pandemic rules and announced later.

Points on the track will be gradually opened to traffic. Runners who complete the race after exceeding the 4:00 hour time limit cannot enter the classification, and cannot claim any rights for certificates and medals.

N Kolay 42nd Istanbul Marathon will be run in the concept of “Green Marathon” this year. Within the scope of this concept, water bottles, breast numbers, bags, chips etc. printing materials are kept to a minimum by making materials from recycled materials. To contribute to recycling, please drop your “Timing Chips” into the collection box at the end point.