November 8, 2020, Sunday

N Kolay 43rd Istanbul Marathon is set on November 7, 2021. Yet the excitement has already started with early registration discount opportunity! This great race is calling you to take the early registration chance that will last until the end of 2020.

Be an early bird and register for just €45 and start winning even before the start!

Hurry up to get your place on the course of N Kolay Istanbul Marathon that will be run with limited number of runners in 42K, 15K and 42K inline skating categories. Quota for the race is already half full due to the transferred registrations from the year 2020… So be quick!

Visit our event page now and choose your category, take the chance to run N Kolay Istanbul Marathon for just €45 in 2021!

You’re curious about the photos of yours taken during N Kolay Istanbul Marathon, right? You can access your photos on the course via face recognition technology of Photier App after the Marathon. The code you’ll need for the event will be shared with you.

How to Access Your Photos via Photier?

1- Download Photier App.

2- Create a profile and take a selfie for Photier to recognize your face.

3- See your photos taken by professional photographers are instantly on your phone!

4- You can also add the photos you took to the Marathon event on your app.

We are also curious and excited to see your photos, so tag @marathonistanbul



Living in Istanbul is a marathon.
In this marathon, don’t forget to live Istanbul!
Inspire the air of Bosporus,
Feel inside the never-ending rhythm of the City!
Unite the two continents with your steps.
Lift your head up and don’t miss the chance to see the blue tints from up above!
Smell the scents of history through the streets,
wave hands to the ships, listen out the seagulls and
take notice of simit sellers.
Istanbul is the most beautiful city in the world…
It will bloom if you run.
If you support… If you set your heart…
If you claim, the most beautiful city will be yours!
Istanbul is yours, just run and give it a hug!
Dreams are big, so are the obstacles,
Goals are compelling, so you are!
This huge support is with you,
Never lose your heart, never give it up!
Istanbul is yours, just run and give it a hug!
You’ll see, when you run, you will feel it right!

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N KOLAY Istanbul Marathon


Thousands of virtual runners in Turkey all around the world chose their own courses and R_A_N  S_O_L_O  TOGETHER WITH US at Istanbul Marathon Virtual Run at the weekend of November 7-8!


Congratulations to all our virtual runners who shared the thrill of N Kolay Istanbul Marathon with us by running on their own courses. Take care till we meet again at our next virtual run!

One Run



While making preparations for large-scale events in the new normal period


The charity run includes non-governmental organizations all over the world…


Filling out the registration form to volunteer at the 42nd Istanbul Marathon…

N KOLAY 42. Istanbul Marathon


The race, which starts in Yenikapı, sails straight to Kumkapı, Çattıkapı, Sirkeci, Galata Bridge, Karaköy, Salıpazarı, Dolmabahçe and Beşiktaş and is close to the seafront.

A competitive climb on Barbaros Boulevard awaits the athletes who will cross from Europe to the Anatolian side for the first time in the history of the Istanbul Marathon. The track crossing the 15th of July Martyrs Bridge takes a slightly inclined distance to the Altunizade Junction and then crosses over the Bosphorus again by making a U-turn from the Altunizade Bridge.

The track, which later descends to Barbaros Boulevard and Beşiktaş Pier, turns into the Unkapanı direction over Dolmabahçe, Fındıklı, Salı Pazarı, Karaköy, and Galata Bridge without stopping any slope. The track, which goes up to Cibali, Fener and Balat, turns in the opposite direction from Balat and follows the coastal road and ends at Yenikapı, where it started.


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