Attracting thousands of professional athletes and ten thousands of citizens, Istanbul Marathon is the largest sporting event in Turkey. We continue to work uninterruptedly in order to better organize this marathon, which is in the Golden Category, which is an important contribution to the brand value and promotion of our country and Istanbul, and is the only intercontinental marathon in the world. However, it is time to declare our super power that has enabled us to successfully carry out all our organizations: OUR 


Because no matter how much we try to do our job “right”, the heartfelt touch of our volunteers that made it “beautiful”.

Spor Istanbul Volunteers are a big, loving family!

This family consists of people who, without waiting for anything in return, protect Istanbul with their efforts and love to serve everyone living here. These people give water to the thirsty, morale to those who are about to give up, and help everyone in need. And at the end of each organization, the joy and support of our Volunteers remains in everyone’s mind.

The results did not change in 43rd Istanbul Marathon. Spor Istanbul Volunteers won the hearts of all our runners with their usual positive approach again!

Come on, join this huge family as the Spor Istanbul Volunteer!