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Charity run is a fundraising method that has been successfully used to support NGOs (non-governmental organizations) all over the world. While the amount of donations collected with this method in the USA in a year was 1.5 billion US dollars, the amount of donations collected through more than 30 thousand people in only one major marathon race exceeded 50 million British pounds. 43rd Istanbul Marathon, which took place on November 7, 2021, was an organization in which a total of 13,684,426 TL donations were collected despite being run by a limited number of 42K marathon runners.

Charity run

A “transparent” goodness platform that you can follow instantly!

Donations made during the charity run campaign are directly transferred to the official bank/credit card account of the NGO opened for the relevant project. You can transparently track all donations made on the İPK (İYİLİK PEŞİNDE KOŞ – CHARITY RUN) platform.

Run to create “awareness” on the subject you want to draw attention to!

A charity run is not only about donations. At the same time, you will be promoting a purpose that warms your heart, that you want to draw attention to, that you wish to be solved to your social circle. It also means that you take on a kind of ambassadorial role for the charity and NGO you run for. In short, as well as raising donation, you also raise awareness and contribute to the solution of the problem.

If you also want to run after kindness in Istanbul Marathon, you may visit ipk.adimadim.org, and contact [email protected] for your questions.


The amount of donations made to associations and foundations in single run in N Kolay 43nd Istanbul Marathon in 2021.


The number of active associations and foundations (NGOs) which received donations to raise funds through charity run at the 43nd Istanbul Marathon.

0 +

Number of registered volunteer runners running in N Kolay 43nd Istanbul Marathon by Adım Adım (Step by Step).