Marathon 42K Run



Are you ready to be one of the 5,000 Marathon Runners who will challenge all odds? The Istanbul Marathon, the only intercontinental marathon in the world and a World Athletics Gold Label Road Race, was among the events affected by the COVID-19 pandemic that left its mark in 2021 with many mandatory changes from participation conditions to the racecourse.

In 2020, when many major marathons were cancelled or run only by elite athletes, we meticulously completed all the preparations for the Istanbul Marathon, which we staged for the 42nd time. In this direction, we decided to run the N Kolay 43rd Istanbul Marathon on November 7 with only 5,000 42k runners on the “pandemic special course”!

Instead of the traditional racecourse that starts with an intercontinental run on the 15th of July Martyrs Bridge on the Anatolian side of the city, the 2020 Marathon had started from the Yenikapı Event Area, allowing a large space that enabled all participants to take full health and hygiene measures. The Istanbul Marathon, where tens of thousands of Istanbulites come together in the Fun Run every year and turn it into a feast, will again be restricted in 2021 to only 5,000 marathon runners who will not give up and go forth, even without spectator support!

The 42k runners to participate in the N Kolay 43rd Istanbul Marathon will start in Yenikapı for the second year in a row and will tour the Historical Peninsula, and after leaving Dolmabahçe and Beşiktaş Barbaros Boulevard behind, they will cross over the Bosporus twice, from Europe to Asia and from Asia to Europe.

So, are you ready to run in this special edition of the Istanbul Marathon and proudly carry the medal that only 5,000 people can have?

Services Offered Within the Scope of the Event

1. Time measurement service

2. Race Pack (chest number and electronic chip)

3. Sports bag

4. T-shirt

5. Medal

6. Certificate

7. Water and feeding stations on the track

8. Post-race food package

9. Photo service



Early Registration Period: 16th of November – 31st of December – 45 Euro

2. Registration Period: 1st of January – 3rd of June – 55 Euros

3. Registration Period: 1st – 31st of July – 65 Euros

4. Registration Period: 1st of September – 4th of October – 85 Euros

Distribution of the marathon’s race kits is scheduled for Friday, 5 November and Saturday, 6 November. Please do not forget to make an online reservation to collect your race kit. The place of the Marathon Expo and the details for the reservation are to be announced one month before the race.


The event schedule will be announced soon here and on our social media accounts.

The entrants who wish to change their registered categories will be allowed to do so between the 1st and 15th of October.

Runners 18 years of age or older as of 7 November 2021, can participate in the N Kolay 43rd Istanbul Marathon.

Runners above the age of 64 are included in the race.

All athletes who finish the race within the 6.5-hour time limit will be entitled to receive a medal at the finish line.

The details of the awards ceremony will be announced here as soon as possible according to the development of the coronavirus situation.

The time limit for the Marathon is 6.5 hours. KM stones on the route will be gradually opened for traffic. The runners who have not completed the route yet may continue to run on the sidewalk.

The runners who don’t finish the race within 6.5 hours will not be ranked and cannot claim any medals.

The ranking of the elite athletes will be made according to the gun times.

All age groups and other awards will be based on the transponder times. It does not matter how far you are behind the start line, your Race Time begins at the moment you pass through the timing mat on the start line.

Electronic Timing Transponder (Chip)

All participants who register for the race will receive an electronic timing transponder (chip) at the Marathon Expo. 

Please do not forget to tie the chip on your shoe before the race. The time of any participant running without a chip cannot be measured.

We strongly urge you not to exchange your chip with other runners because your chip is identified by your credentials.

After you finish the race, please do not cross the finish line a second time or re-enter any part of the route.

There will be lines coloured on the route in order to follow during running and it is the same colour as your bib number. 

The target time will be asked during the registration of participants.

With this information, the participants will know where and when they start the race.

Athletes bib number and gate number must be the same in order to enter the event area.

It will not be allowed to start the race through a different gate.

Her kapıda tempo veren atletler yer alacaktır.

There will be refreshment stations with water and fast energy boosts every five kilometres on the route. Portable toilets will be available just after the KM stones on the sidewalk.

It will be announced here soon.