Marathon 42K Run

N KOLAY 42. Istanbul Marathon


Are you ready to be one of the 4000 Marathon Runners that challenge all odds?

The Istanbul Marathon, which is the only intercontinental marathon in the world and is in the Gold Category, was among the organizations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic that left its mark in 2020 with many mandatory changes from participation conditions to the track.

In 2020, when many major marathons were cancelled or run only by elite athletes, we meticulously completed all the preparations for the Istanbul Marathon, which we organized for the 42nd time. In this direction, we decided to run the N Kolay 42nd Istanbul Marathon on November 8 with only 4,000 42k runners on the “pandemic special track”!

The Istanbul Marathon, where tens of thousands of Istanbulites come together with Public Run every year and turn it into a feast, will be run in 2020 with just 4,000 marathon runners who won’t give up and go forth, even without spectator support!

Instead of the track that started with an intercontinental run on the 15th of July Martyrs Bridge on the Anatolian side, this year it starts from the Yenikapı Event Area, which allows all participants to take full health and hygiene measures.

The 42K runners who will participate in the N Kolay 42nd Istanbul Marathon started in Yenikapı for the first time this year and toured the Historical Peninsula, and after Dolmabahçe and Beşiktaş Barbaros Boulevard, the Bosporus from Europe to Asia and from Asia to Europe will mark a first by passing!

So, are you ready to run this special year and proudly carry the medal that only 4,000 people can have?

42. Istanbul Marathon


Marathon will be held kit distributions and on November 5-6-7 at Zorlu PSM.

Don’t forget to make a online reservation for the date that is appropriate for you!

Follow for announcements!

Event Program

07.30 Event Entrance

08.30 Finish time of race bag deliver

 08:30 Stretching

08:45 Time to go to the Start point

08.45 Start of Roller Skate Race

08.50 Start of Wheelchair Race

09.00 Start of Elite Athletes race

09.00 Start of Marathon

11.12 Approximate Finish time for Marathon Champion

12.00 Award Ceremony

15.00 Finish time for Marathon​

42. Istanbul Marathon will be held this year only in the 42K category.

All runners who are above the age of 18 as of November 8, 2020, can participate in Istanbul Marathon. As per pandemics measures, we cannot include our runners above the age of 65.

All runners who complete the race within 6 hours limit are presented a medal at the finish line.

How the awards will be presented to the ranking runners will be determined in accordance with the pandemics rule and announced.

The time limit for the Marathon is 6 hours. Points on the track will be gradually opened for traffic. The runners who have not completed the track yet can continue to run on the sidewalk. The runners who don’t complete the track within 6 hours will not be ranked and cannot claim any medal or certificate.

The distance of your location to the starting line does not affect your timing. Your race time is will start the moment you pass the chip carpet.

There will be a road line with the same color as on your chest number during the course. You can follow the course by tracking the colored road line.

Our runners are requested to state a target finish time during the registration. With this information, our runner will determine which pace door to enter with the race ribs to be provided to our runners. Each runner should enter the race area through the door stated in the race rib. It will not be allowed to enter from a different door. For example, a runner who is informed to enter through door “A” cannot enter through door “B” to the race area. At each door, there will be an athlete who provides pace.

There will be water stations at the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 30th 35th, and 40th km on the course. Public and portable toilets will be available on various points on the course. Toilet points will be showed with directions to be placed o the course to be accessed easily by the runners.

• Participants can easily reach the start point “Yenikapi Meeting Area” via public transport Metro, Tramway and Marmaray from anywhere in Istanbul.
Via Metro Line;
•”Yenikapi Metro Station” via M1A Yenikapi – Atatürk Havalimani Metro Line
•”Yenikapi Metro Station” via M2 Yenikapi – Haciosman Metro Line
•”Yenikapi Metro Station” via M1B Yenikapi – Kirazli Metro Line
•“Marmaray Ayrilik Cesmesi Station” via M4 Kadikoy – Tavsantepe Metro Line
Via Tramway;
•Transfer from Yusufpasa “Bagcilar – Kabatas Tramway Line” to Aksaray Metro Station to “Yenikapi Metro Station”
Via Marmaray;
•”Yenikapi Metro Station” via Kazlicesme – Ayrilik Cesmesi Marmaray Line.
Attention: Yenikapi Metro Station is 1 Km to the Start/Finish area.
The detailed Metro Map: