N Kolay 43rd Istanbul Marathon 15K Run took place on Sunday, November 7! We are pleased to welcome the runners of the shorter distance on a race course where everyone can break their personal records.


The 15K runners stand ready approximately 400 meters behind the toll booths of the “15 Temmuz Şehitler Bridge” (behind the Marathon runners). After the marathon run starts, the 15K runners come 150 meters ahead (at the Marathon start point) and wait.

The 15K race starts at 9.15 a.m.; after crossing the bridge, the course descends to Beşiktaş through Barbaros Boulevard and it reaches Karaköy following the coastal road.

The course turns in the direction of Sirkeci after the Galata Bridge and turns back in front of Hava Harp Okulu at the end of the road passing Sirkeci, Kennedy Street, Cankurtaran and  Kumkapı. The course which lies along the coastal road ends on the opposite street of the Yenikapı Meeting Area, right after the subway.

Services Offered within the Scope of the Event

  1. Timekeeping
  2. Race Kit (bib number and electronic chip)
  3. Race bag
  4. T-shirt
  5. Medal
  6. Certificate
  7. Water and refreshment stations on the course
  8. Food package after the race
  9. Photograph service



Early registiration: December 14, 2021 – January 3, 2022: 50 Euro

2. Registiration Period: January 4 – July 31  2022:  60 Euro

3. Registiration Period: August 1 – September 15  2022: 70 Euro

4. Registiration Period: September 16  – October 17  2022: 90 Euro

Registiration: event.spor.istanbul

Race kit distribution will take place on November 3-4-5th. Location will be announced here soon.


It is not possible to cancel registrations. 

Category changes are possible until October 1, 2022. However, it is not possible to cancel, postpone or transfer any registration record.

Race Day Program / Sunday, November 6, 2022

03.00: Pedestrianizing of “15 Temmuz Şehitler Bridge” 

05.00 : Pedestrianizing the entire race course

07.00 – 07.45: Departure Time of Buses to Carry 42K, 15K Athletes (Üsküdar Square) NOTE; Instead of the buses that previously departed from Taksim and Sultanahmet squares, only athletes will be able to reach the field from Üsküdar Square. They will be able to reach Üsküdar Square by ferryboats departing from Marmaray and Eminönü. Athletes need to consider timing.

07.30 – 08.30: Departure Time of Buses to Carry Public Run Athletes (Mecidiyeköy)

07.30: Interrupting the entire track to vehicle traffic

08.30: Departure of Safekeeping Buses from the Start Point to the Finish Points

08.40: Skating Race Start

08.45 : Wheelchair Race Start

09.00 : 42K Race Start

09.15 : 15K Race Start

09.45: Fun Run Start

09.50 : Estimated Finish Time of 15K Champion

11.00 : 15K Award Ceremony (Yenikapı)

11.10 : Estimated Finish Time of 42K Champion

12.00 : End of 15K Race (Yenikapı)

12.00 : 42K General Classification Award Ceremony (Sultanahmet)

13.00 : End of 15K Race (Yenikapı)

15.20 : End of 42K Race (Sultanahmet)

As of November 6, 2022, all runners over the age of 16 can participate in the N Kolay Istanbul Marathon.

At the finish point, all runners will be awarded medals who complete the race within the 2 hours and 15 minutes time limit.

Time limit for 15K race is 2 hours and 15 minutes. Athletes who complete the race course over this period are not classified and cannot claim a right for medals and certificates.

Your position at the start line, how further back you are from the start line, does not affect your measurement. Your race time starts to be measured on the moment you cross the chip carpet.

There will be a road line in the same color as your chest number on the race course. You can follow the race course by following the colored road line.

There will be water stations on the race course at 5th and 10th km. Public and portable toilets will be available at various points along the race course. The toilet points will be indicated by the directions along the race course for easy access of the runners.

Buses for belongings will be located at the left of the starting point. All athletes will deliver the bags given to them during kit distribution to the relevant bus according to their bib numbers and will receive them back at the finish point by showing their bib numbers. 

Athletes who will deliver their bags to the safekeeping buses must put their bag number in the front section of their bags.

Bags must be delivered to the safekeeping bus/tent before the deadline. The bags not delivered by that time will not be accepted.

There should not be valuable items, money, phone, wallet, etc. in the bags that the participants will give to the safekeeping buses. In case that the bag is lost; the organization, its officials and employees are not responsible.

If the bag is left in a place or a vehicle other than the safekeeping tents/buses, the bag may not be accessible afterwards. In such a case, the organization and its officials will not be held responsible under any circumstances.


On the morning of the race, the buses will take off from the following points to the starting point. The meeting time for IETT vehicle transfers is 07:00. You are kindly requested to show the necessary sensitivity.

Between the hours of 7:00 – 7:40, there will be a ring trip between Üsküdar Marmaray Front – Start Area.

Athletes residing on the Anatolian side will be able to get on the public transportation vehicles of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality free of charge, provided that they show their bib number.

NOTE ; Instead of the buses that previously departed from Taksim and Sultanahmet squares, only athletes will be able to reach the start area from Üsküdar Square. They will be able to reach Üsküdar Square by ferryboats departing from Marmaray and Eminönü. Athletes need to consider timing.