We are looking forward to meeting skaters in 45. Istanbul Marathon taking place on the course that brings continents
together on Sunday, November 5, 2023.

Preparation for the Skate Race

What Should Be Considered?

Race kit distribution will take place on November 2-3-4th at Dr. Mimar Kadir Topbaş Gösteri ve Sanat Merkezi.

It will be announced here soon.

All participants who register for the race will receive a recyclable electronic timing chip from the Race Kit Distribution area that will measure their time during the race.
On the day of the race, do not forget to tie your chip, which is distributed in the race kits, to your shoes and do not remove it from your shoes during the race. The times of runners who run without the chip cannot be measured.
Since your chip is matched with your credentials, we strongly advise you not to exchange your chip with other runners.
Do not cross the chip carpets at the start point, on the track or at the finish line twice. This will result in an incorrect measurement of your running time.
At the end of the run, do not return to the track for any reason after crossing the finish line. In this case, the system will measure your chip again and your running time will be revised according to the last time you crossed the carpet.
IMPORTANT: Skate athletes must pass through the chip stations located only in Altunizade and Balat after passing through the start carpet, at the points where the speed drops. Since the chip carpets are not suitable for skates, they do not have to pass through other intermediate points!

Race Day Program / Sunday, November 5, 2023

03.00: Closure of July 15 Martyrs Bridge to vehicle traffic
07.00: Departure of the ferries that will carry the athletes from Eminonu and Kabatas.
07.30 – 08.30: Departure Time of the Buses that will carry the Public Race Athletes (Mecidiyekoy)
07.30: Closure of the entire track to vehicle traffic
08.40: Skate Race Start
08.45: Wheelchair Race Start
09:00: Movement of 42K Items vehicles from the Start Point to the Finish Point
09:00: 42K Race Start
09.15: Movement of 15K Items vehicles from the Start Point to the Finish Point
09.15: 15K Race Start
09.45: Public Race Start
09.50: 15K Champion’s Estimated Finish Time
11.00: 15K Award Ceremony (Yenikapi)
11.10: 42K Champion’s Estimated Finish Time
12.00: End of 15K Race (Yenikapi)
12.00: 42K General Classification Award Ceremony (Sultanahmet)
13.00: End of 15K Race (Yenikapi)
15.20: End of 42K Race (Sultanahmet)

The time limit for the marathon is 6 hours and 20 minutes. The points on the course will be opened to traffic gradually. Runners who have not yet completed the course may continue the run on the pavement. Athletes who finish the course after 6 hours 20 minutes will not be classified, and they cannot claim medal or certificate.

They will follow the red ground line on the race course.

There will be water stations every 5km along the race course. Public and portable toilets will be available at various points on the race course. WC spots will be indicated with the directions to be positioned along the race course for the runners to reach easily.

Fill in the requested information on the back of your bag label and attach it to your bag. Bag tag, which is the same as your bib number, must be attached to your bag before the race. Please do not use this label if you are not going to deliver bags.

Only bags given to athletes by the organizing committee are accepted for safety reasons!

Within the scope of security measures, all bags will be checked by metal detectors by security officers. Please follow the warnings of the staff.

All runners who finish the race in 6 hours and 20 minutes are presented with a medal at the finish point. 

On the left side of the 42K and 15K start points, there will be vehicles for items that will deliver the items of the athletes to the finish point. All athletes will deliver the bags given to them during the kit distribution to the relevant vehicle according to their chest numbers and receive them at the finish point by showing their chest numbers.

Departure time of 42K Safekeeping Items vehicles: 09.00

Departure time of 15K Safekeeping Items vehicles: 09.15

Each vehicle will pick up bags within certain chest number ranges. You can deliver your bag to the relevant vehicle according to your chest number.

The athletes who will give their bags to the Safekeeping Items vehicles must put the bag number given by the organization on the front compartment of their bags.

The bags must be delivered to the Safekeeping Items vehicles before the deadline. Bags not delivered until this time will not be accepted.

Participants should not keep valuables, money, phones, wallets, etc. in the bags they will give to the safekeping items buses. In case of loss of the bags, the organization and its officials and employees will not be responsible.

If the bag is left in a place or vehicle other than the Safekeeping Items Tents/Buses, the bag may not be accessed. In such a case, the organization and its officials will not be held responsible in any way.


  • There will be free ferry service from Eminonu and Kabatas piers to Beylerbeyi pier on the morning of the race.
  • There will be a total of four ferry services, 2 from Eminonu and 2 from Kabatas.
  • The departure time of the ferries is 07.00.



  • Free shuttle services will be organized from Uskudar Marmaray Station to the starting point between 07:00 and 08:00.


We kindly request you to respect the hours.


As in previous years, athlete transportation vehicles from Taksim and Sultanahmet to the starting point WILL NOT BE USED on race day.

Fill in the information requested on the back of your bag label and attach it to your bag. Your bag label with the same chest number must be attached to your bag before the race. Please do not use this label if you will not deliver your bag.

Only the bags given to the athletes by the organization committee are accepted in the Safekeeping Items Tents; other bags, pouches and items are not accepted due to security measures!