Due to the pandemic, only health tents and water stations will meet our athletes at the end of the race this year!

Finish packages that athletes will be distributed at the entrance of the event area after crossing the finish line. Our athletes can find their medals and gifts in these finisher packages prepared for them.

The “water” stations that athletes need most after the race will be placed in the activity area at regular intervals.

Istanbul Marathon is one of the best racecourses in Europe!
According to the criteria set by the International Association of Athletics Federations, only 9 marathons will be run in the Gold Label category in Europe. The Istanbul Marathon, which deserves to be in this important category, is shown among the best racecourse in Europe with its unique racecourse that connects the continents of Asia and Europe!
We are proud to be included in the Gold Label category by following the criteria set for road running by the international organization World Athletics Association!