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Runner Admission

Transportation to the Area:
Athletes will proceed on the line determined by the red line shown on the map from the metro station to the event area, in line with the pandemic rules. From the station, they will be taken to the activity area safely with the guidance of the staff and volunteers. HES code query and fever check will be made at the entrance to the event area. Athletes are requested to prepare their HES codes generated by Life Fits into Home app developed by the Ministry of Health, before coming to the event area.

The aim here is to maintain the social distance of the athletes and to ensure that they reach the place reserved for them in the field as soon as possible.

Event Area Station: Yenikapı Metro Station
At the exit of the metro station: Check the masks
At the entrance of the Event Area: HES code control and fever check

Red walking area: 861m
Yellow Group walking area: 330m
Red Group walking area: 287m
Dark Blue Group walking area: 247m
Green Group walking area: 200m
Blue Group walking area: 158m