In 2020, which we can call the year of difficulties, pandemic measures continue to shape our lives in the new normal period. In line with the experience we gained in Istanbul Half Marathon 2020, which we successfully ran on September 20, it turned out that we needed an area of approximately 50,000 square meters for the health and safety of our runners, albeit in a limited number.

The size of the area required for the health of athletes and all the criteria that apply when setting up the marathon track pointed to the Yenikapı Activity Area for the start of the N Kolay 42nd Istanbul Marathon. The new track, which has been specially created for the pandemic, offers opportunities such as the difference in altitude, as well as two passes through the Bosphorus:

The race, which starts in Yenikapı, sails straight to Kumkapı, Çatladıkapı, Sirkeci, Galata Bridge, Karaköy, Salıpazarı, Dolmabahçe and Beşiktaş and is close to the seafront.

A competitive climb on Barbaros Boulevard awaits the athletes who will cross from Europe to the Anatolian side for the first time in the history of the Istanbul Marathon. The track crossing the 15th of July Martyrs Bridge takes a slightly inclined distance to the Altunizade Junction, then makes a U-turn from the Altunizade Bridge and crosses the Bosporus again.

The track, which later descends to Barbaros Boulevard and Beşiktaş Pier, turns into the Unkapanı direction over Dolmabahçe, Fındıklı, Salıpazarı, Karaköy, and Galata Bridge without stopping any slope. The track, which goes up to Cibali, Fener and Balat, turns in the opposite direction from Balat and follows the coastal road and ends at Yenikapı, where it started.

Istanbul Marathon is one of the best racecourses in Europe!
According to the criteria set by the International Association of Athletics Federations, only 9 marathons will be run in the Gold Label category in Europe. The Istanbul Marathon, which deserves to be in this important category, is shown among the best racecourse in Europe with its unique racecourse that connects the continents of Asia and Europe!
We are proud to be included in the Gold Label category by following the criteria set for road running by the international organization World Athletics Association!